Time to Get Organized

It wasn’t that long ago when kitchen cabinets were considered well-equipped if they included a lazy Susan and a built-in spice rack. Thank goodness those days are over and the storage options for everything from doors that open to reveal sliding drawers for pots and pans, holders for recycling and garbage bins, and racks for canned and dry goods are readily available. Drawer inserts can be set up to hold dishes, silverware or cutlery and there are highly efficient corner units with shelves that glide out to make items easily accessible. So if your New Year's resolution list includes getting organized and you have plans for a new or remodeled kitchen, 2016 is going to be your year.

What follows is just a sampling of the latest and greatest kitchen storage ideas, all available when you design your kabi kitchen. Next time you are in our showroom be sure and ask a member of our design team to walk you through these and the myriad of other possibilities.

Dishes and Glasses
In lieu of overhead cabinets that can make a kitchen feel small, storage drawers are trending big right now. This one easily handles service for eight and includes a flexible system that adjusts to the size of your bowls and plates.

Similarly, this drawer is outfitted with an adjustable system for stowing drinking glasses. 

Pots and Pans
Gone are the days of digging around in the back of a cabinet to pull out the perfect saucepan. Thanks to this sliding drawer system you can arrange your pots and lids for easy access.

A place for everything and everything in its place is our motto when it comes to flatware and those other items you want in full view.

By By Susan

I hate to pick on those old lazy Susans but I'm sure there are items that fell off the back of those twenty years ago that are still there. You'll never have that problem with either of the storage systems shown below. Notice how they both handle all kinds of small appliances with ease.

Spices Never Had It So Good
Behold the new slide out spice drawers. So much more fun than digging around for the oregano in the back of a traditional cabinet.

Coffee or Tea Time
These stacked sliding drawers guarantee you'll never go hunting for cups or tea bags again.