Designed for You

We appreciate the value that design adds to projects, which is why we prefer to collaborate with professional designers. But we understand that some folks know what they want and just need a little help. Our in-house designers provide the right level of support, whether this is your first kitchen or your fiftieth.


Built to Order

We've produced kitchen and bathroom cabinets for over a thousand projects, one project at a time. Our customers' projects come in all shapes and sizes, from simple bathrooms to highly personalized kitchens, multi-family condos, and luxury residential projects like One Riverfront and the Four Seasons.


Made in Colorado

Our cabinets are made with premium materials and hardware, just like you'd find in cabinets imported from Germany and Italy. But because we manufacture our cabinets here in Denver, kabi offers more flexibility, faster delivery and less shipping cost. And the satisfaction of supporting local business.

I've used this company for more than 10 years with a huge scope of work, from remodels as low as 200k up to over 2 million. It has been my pleasure to see them grow while maintaining reasonable prices, amazing quality staff and personalized service with a smile. From any size cabinets tailored to your space - to interior organizers, built in shelves/pantry, dividers, pull outs, motorized pieces, etc. - the options are limitless.

- Elysia Viets

Modlux Denver

Owner / Developer