Cabinets and Canines

At kabi we take two things very seriously:  cabinets and canines. And because so many people feed their pups in our favorite room of the house we think there’s no reason why you can't have a beautiful kitchen with a dog bowl to match.  So if you’re one of those dog lovers who buy gifts for your pets consider giving your Fido or Sadie or Rex a place to chow down that’s worthy of your dog and your kitchen.
kabi owner Steve Johnson with Jack

Visit to view their wide assortment of LuckyPups Personalized Bowls. Unique in style and design each bowl is permanently etched with your dog’s name in fun fonts to match your pup’s personality. An ideal blend of style and functionality the non-tip bowls come with removable rubber rings that can reduce sliding, undesirable noise, and damage to the floor. Available in eight colors:  stainless steel, metallic blue, metallic purple, metallic charcoal, metallic magenta, baby pink, baby blue, and lavender. They come in small, medium, large, and x-large for your pet’s convenience.

Personalized Bowls from LuckyPups

For those who love the bold colors of Fiestaware china there are pet bowls to match. Available in peacock, scarlet, shamrock and sunflower there’s a hue to complement every dog and every kitchen.

Finally, on a more practical note consider making your dog a happy camper or contented traveler with a Yummy Pet Travel Dog Bowl. A 3-in-1 solution for storing, transporting, and serving pet food and water simultaneously, a spill resistant water bowl serves as the base, while the food bowl fits neatly into the water bowl for a leak-free top. A lid seals it all up tight, or becomes an extra bowl when flipped over allowing dry food, wet food, and water to be served in separate bowls.  Made by Brookstone. Available at
For the traveling pooch