Color Blocking in Kitchens and Beyond

We all know when it comes to home décor, form follows fashion. So no big surprise that ever since color blocking returned to the fashion runway a couple of years ago, the trend is now showing up in a big way in kitchens and other rooms of the house. Not just for clothes anymore – it has moved from haute couture ateliers to our homes and can be transformative whether its with bold or subtle splashes of geometric color. Depending on your taste, you can go with dazzling color combinations or stick with blending neutral tones.

If you really want to make a strong statement go wild, even neon if you dare, but remember the design can turn overwhelming if there are too many dazzling shades competing for attention. While it’s okay to pair three intense colors, the safest formula that guarantees harmony and good balance is “one bright, one bold, one neutral.” The combination should attract attention, but remain easy on the eye.

Above, a kabi kitchen blends three different colors with ease by balancing the bold orange statement with two neutrals. In an open floor plan it works as the perfect visual centerpiece.
Sometimes all it takes is that one splash of bright color combined with white to add a welcome punch to your kitchen design. This kabi kitchen gets lots of notice in a long narrow duplex.
For a more subtle effect keep everything within the same color family such as blending mint cream, pistachio and sea green. You can also use colors from different families, where two could be neutrals and one could be a brighter shade or just go with two neutrals.

A high gloss laminate with silver accents grounds this kabi kitchen while the white upper cabinets serve to keep things light and airy. A great example of color blocking with a light touch.

Beyond the kitchen there are lots of fun ways to incorporate color blocking in your home. Dress up neutral sofas with a set of bright throw pillows in contrasting hues.

Or try adding color to a bedroom or bathroom with color-blocked curtains. The latter can really make a difference to an all white bathroom.