Personalizing Your Kitchen

A friend of mine has this beautiful gray wool Italian coat. It’s soft and classic in every way, and like my friend, the coat is not without its surprises. One evening she stopped by and tossed the coat on the nearest chair. It fell open to reveal an unexpected paisley lining in the most luscious shade of violet.  When she saw the look of surprise and delight on my face she said, “I know hardly anyone ever gets to see it but that lining reflects my personality and I know it’s there.  I think of it as a special treat just for me.”

It’s those little unexpected things that make ordinary everyday moments more enjoyable so why not include something like that in other places in your life, like your kitchen.  Picking a wonderful color or pattern for the outside of your cabinets is one way to express yourself, but lining the interior in a warm pumkin orange, bright sky blue, sunny yellow, soft gray, or bold shade of lime provides another layer to your kitchen that few people will see, but you will always know is there. Of course, if you go with glass front doors, some of that color will shine through for all to enjoy.

At kabi we think those colorful cabinet interiors are another way of customizing your kitchen and getting the look that matches your home and your personality. 
 Mod style kabi cabinet with one of our many interior finishes.